If you are traveling to Dubai and worried about where to eat then following are list of few restaurant for international travellers can have food and chill-out.
1. Marina Social:
Marina Social is Modern European restaurant in Dubai. Vibrant casual setting in contemporary backdrop attracts travellers to visit the place.
Now, let’s come to the point. The food here is world-class and delicious. The presentation of the food is also awesome.
What to eat?
Salad, Cod fish with white creamy sauce, Pizza with Reblochon cheese and Wagyu Cecina, Burrata with the tomato salt. Dessertss like Truffle Honey, Chocolate Marquise,
There are limited drink options.
The restaurant was started by Michelin Star Chef and has great ambience and food for travellers around the world.
2. Wavebreaker:
If you want to chill-out sitting in front of beach with your favourite drink then this is the perfect place for you in Dubai.
Wavebreaker is beachfront restaurant that is budget friendly. The cost place with outdoor setting is favourite for foreign travellers in Dubai.
What to eat?
Wavebreaker is great for having drinks or coffee. Foot taste and quality are also great.
Conclusion is that Wavebreaker is best place to chill-out with good food, service and reasonable price.
3. Al Dawaar – Revolving Restaurant & Lounge:
Al Dawaar serves International buffet with various options like vegetarian, continental, etc. The ambience is contemporary perfect for international travellers. It’s speciality is revolving restaurant and you can have 360 degree view of the city sitting at your table.
What to eat?
Al Dawaar offers food from all parts of the world. All varieties and dishes are excellent quality with fantastic service. As it offers wide range of dishes from different cuisines. Also try hand crafted drink.
In conclusion, I would say it’s fantastic place for international food experience, service and atmosphere.
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