✔ Sliced pistachio

1/2 cup

✔ Ghee 5 table spoon

✔ Sugar 1 cup

(or according to


✔ Boiled milk 500 ml

✔ Sliced almonds

1/2 cup

✔ 1 table spoon sliced

cashew nut

✔ Vermicelli 1 cup

( sewiyan)

✔ Saffron


1) Take 2 tablespoon ghee in a hot vessel, take slices of pistachio, almond and cashew nuts. Fry them slightly. Remove them aside and keep.

2) Now add 3 table spoon ghee in vessel add sewiyan, roast it fine stirring continously in a low flame.

NOTE: (Do not overcook or burn them)

3) Now add milk, add sugar ,add half of roasted dry fruits and keep half for garnish.

4) Let it get cooked on slow falme till it gets little thickened.

5) Take a bowl put this sheer khurma in it, garnish with dry fruits and saffron threads. You can beautify by putting roses for presentation.


Your Sheer khurma is ready.

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