Strawberry triffle:
✓ Ingredients:
✓ 10 to 15 pieces of strawberries,
✓ Amul cream,
✓ Custard.


How to make custard?

First take two cups of milk, 4 table spoon sugar and 3 table spoon cusrtad powder. Cook the milk with adding sugar in it, as it gets boiled add the custard powder. Stir it well till it becomes thick. Then keep it into refrigerator.

Now take atleast 10 pieces of strawberries, cut into fine pieces add 3 table spoon sugar and put it in refrigerator.

After 25 minutes take this strawberries out; put it in one bowl; then add this custrad; put it in refrigerator for 5 minutes. Take it out; put amul cream and let it set for 5 hours in refrigeartor. At serving decorate it with strawberry pieces on it.

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