I had made this strawberry shrikhand two days back on Gudi Padva as Naivedhyam and also to welcome Aai – Dada (my in-laws). We feel very blessed to have our parents with us every year during this time of the year, and we get their blessings as we step into the New Year. They loved the desert and the whole festive platter 🙂

Preparation time: 4 – 5 hours
Serves: 4


  • 1/2 kg fresh curd or 2.5 cup curd
  • 8-10 fresh strawberries
  • 4 tablespoon jaggery powder or as required
  • Few Pistachio for garnishing
  1. Place a strainer on a deep bowl. Line the strainer with a muslin cloth or clean dry kitchen towel. Pour the curd over it. Gather the sides of the cloth and wrap one side around the others and tie a knot. Now hang the cloth on a hook and keep a deep bowl beneath to collect the whey which drips from the curd. Allow the curd to hang for about 4 to 5 hours.
  2. After 4-5 hours the hung curd will be free of all the way. Remove it in a bowl, scrape the sides of the cloth with a spatula, to get all the hung curd. You may keep the hung curd covered in a refrigerator for a day or use it immediately to make the shrikhand.
  3. To proceed with the strawberry shrikhand, first, rinse the strawberries and hull them ( remove the green leaf part). Chop them roughly and transfer them to a blender jar with jaggery and pulse to get a smooth puree.
  4. Add the puree to the hung curd in parts and keep whipping with a wire whisk until the mix blends very well and is creamy and smooth. I could not use all of the strawberry puree as I desired a baby pink color and the consistency was perfect. So be careful and add the puree little at a time checking the desired color and consistency.
  5. Refrigerate the strawberry shrikhand and serve it chilled garnished with chopped pistachio.
  • I have used powdered jaggery in this recipe, you may add powdered sugar or honey instead if desired.
  • The quantity of sweetener used depends upon the sweetness of the berries.
  • Do not use sour curd to make shrikhand and prefer fresh curd.
  • Cardamom powder may be used to flavor the shrikhand if desired.
  • If staying in very hot areas, hanging curd at room temperature for a long time will make it sour and you may need more sweetener, to avoid this, you may keep the curd to drain inside a refrigerator, by placing the cloth of curd over a colander and placing another bowl below it to collect the whey.

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