KitchenKaty introduces food and culinary industry news feature.

Food and culinary industry news kitchenkaty – leading global food networking platform introduces Food and Culinary News Update feature on the platform.
The food networking platform where food bloggers and the content creators can share the posts in different formats like video, text or images and foodies can find the stuffs on the site The site also offers various features to food lovers including job posting, restaurant reviews, recipes, etc.
The food and culinary industry news can be updated by any members on the site from any part of the world. Be it local or international, the updates will be streamed under  ‘Food News’ tab on the site
Anyone who finds something related to food and culinary related worth sharing can sign-up from the link and share it in form of a post.
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New Career and Job Opportunities in Food and Beverages Sector by 2021.



Food and beverages industry is probably the largest and evergreen industry in the world. Not only that but it’s widely spread across the globe as food is the common connection globally.

The industry includes food processing and grocery manufacturing, dairy products manufacturing, cafes, restaurants and more.

Talking about the career and job opportunities in the sector, it covers more than 80 profiles including chefs, brewer, food photographers, recipe tester, supply chain employees, etc.(Ref:

Food and beverages revenue worldwide amounts to  USD 90,173 million appx. and expected to grow by 11% by 2022. (Ref:

Samir Dhakaan, founder (Food networking platform) sees vast career opportunity for the people in the industry with the modern day roles including food content developers, food products and grocery retail services, food supply services, kitchen products sales and more.  Keeping in mind above mentioned statistics opportunities planning to scale the business model and open up many career opportunities in coming future. KitchenKaty is a food networking platform and startup currently running the beta version on To meet the target and create employment opportunities, founders are to collaborate with the food manufacturing companies and brands, investors and industry experts.

Hopefully, by 2021 millions of opportunities will be created for food bloggers & content developers, food and grocery sellers, food and beverages supply personnel, culinary experts, bakers, etc. by is set to be the biggest food social networking and blogging platform globally. - Top food networking and blogging platform

In this age of social networking sites, there are thousands of platforms or sites help one connect globally.

Social Media Networking site like Facebook is for a mass audience to connect with friends and family globally. However, there are social media sites and platforms for the niches like SoundCloud is music and podcast streaming platform, Blogger is blog publishing platform, LinkedIn is professional networking site, YouTube is video sharing website. Pinterest & Instagram is photo sharing site. And the list goes on. launched in 2018 is a food networking and blogging platform, which is set to be the biggest platform soon. The platform provides free and paid services for the food bloggers to post their blogs who want to start their food blog, connect with chefs and cooks across the world, sell kitchen products, food and grocery online and post a job related to F&B industry.

People can find food-related events, restaurant reviews and other related information on

Samir Dhakaan, founder of the platform believes that Pinterest had more than 200 Million monthly users in 2017, we estimate to reach that in next 5 years. Moreover, following statistics are estimated in next 5 years.

  • 1 billion Recipes
  • 100 million kitchen products
  • 300 million food and grocery products
  • 5 billion of portal value

Above figures are just estimated and we have to wait for 5 years to know it’s going to be right or not. But, food bloggers and people from food and beverages industry have definitely got the perfect platform.

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