Sushi (鮨) is one of the popular Japanese food dishes around the world. Traditionally, it contains vinegared rice with raw seafood, vegetables, tropical fruits and other ingredients. Contemprorily, many ingredients are used.
Basically, you need following ingredients to make Sushi.
1. Sushi Meshi
2. Komezu
3. Wasabi
4. The filling
5. Sugar
6. Kosher Salt
7. Soy Sauce
We are going to discuss about how Sushi is one of the best dishes here. You can find many Sushi recipes from the internet. Below are few links.
Why Sushi is one of the best recipes around the world? 
✓ Sushi is prepared from vinegared rice. That is good for heart as it’s low in cholesterol and saturated fat.
✓ Fish and salmon are rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.
✓ Sea food also contains magnesium, iron, anti-oxidants which are beneficial for health.
A few health risks of Sushi:
✓ Row fish may create bowling and digestive issues.
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