Wherever you go in the world, food is integral part of any culture. Without trying the local food your trip is incomplete.


Brazil has a vibrant culture and uniqueness in the food. Brazilians are fond of tasty and good food.


In this article, I will guide you about what to eat when you’re in Brazil with the details of each food.


1. Açaí

Açaí is a palm fruit one can find in Brazil. It is served as smoothie topped with granola or Banana or other fruits in the Brazil. In different parts, the dish is made differently. It’s very popular in Rio de Janeiro. 

The dish with Açaí called Açaí na tigela. If you are in Brazil then don’t forget to have it.


2. Moqueca

You can also call it Brazilian Fish Stew, Moqueca is cultural food of Brazil.

Tomatoes, onion, garlic,. coconut milk and other spices and ingredients mixed with fish makes Moqueca. 

It hails from Bahia, North-East part of the country but available all across.


3. Pão de Queijo

Pão de Queijo is basically small  bread balls baked with cheese. Usually it is taken in breakfast or as a snack.

It’s not only popular in Brazil but alao globally popular and available in some parts of United States, Japan and some countries of Asia.

So, whenever you happen to be in Brazil, have Pão de Queijo in your breakfast.

4. Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro is desserts or sweet dish famous in Brazil. It’s like Chocolate truffles made from cocoa powder, condensed milk, butter and other dairy ingredients.

The truffles are rolled in chocolate or other flavour sprinklers.

You can find it in any bakery in Brazil.

5. Quindim

If you have a sweet tooth and want to have something yummy then after your lunch or dinner go to a bakery or ask for Quindim at your restaurant. You will be presented with Glistening surfaced yellow ring type thing.

Egg yolk, milk, ground coconut and with some additional ingredients baked and a lot of sugar is extensively sweet dessert.

Apart from these food dishes, there are many popular dishes you would not want to miss in Brazil. They are Feijoada, Salpicão,

Acarajé and Vatapá. I’ll publish about those food dishes in part-2 of the article.

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