After workout it is necessary to have protein intake for your body to recover muscles. Normally, to have enough protein people take protein shakes or powders available in the market. The products may also have side effects in your body due to added preservatives or artificial ingredients. Instead of having packaged products one can take natural foods or drinks made from natural and fresh foods can affect your body positively and super healthy.

Here are five natural good you can have it after workout which are protein rich.
1. Sprouts:
Sprouts protein rich food
Sprouts is good source of protein. It also boosts vitamin A, B and C contents. There are different types of sprouts and each contains different amount of protein.
For example, Lentils contains 26% of protein and it’s also good source of calcium and phosphorus. Moong Beans contains 20% of protein and it’s good source of magnesium and calcium.
2. Soybean food or drink: 
Soybean protein rich food
Soybean contains high amount of protein. It contains 36 to 50% protein.
How to use Soyabean as a food or drink?
One can make Soybean Curry at home and have it in lunch or dinner. Make Soybean butter and spread it on bread or toast. Soy drink made at home is also healthy and can be taken after workout.
3. Greek Yoghurt:
Greek Yoghurt
100 gm of Greek Yoghurt contains 10g of protein. However, there are lots of brands of Greek Yoghurt available in the market one can make it at home to avoid artificial ingredients and fat availability.
4. Seafood:
Seafood protein rich food
Different Seafoods have different contents of protein. Generally, 100 gram of seafood contains 29g of protein. After exercise, one can have seafood meal that gives you good amount of protein intake.
Seafood like Fish, Roe, Shellfish, etc. cooked at home is best way to get enough protein for your body.
5. Eggs:
Eggs protein rich food after workout
100 grams of eggs intake contains 12-15g protein. Having egg food like Omelette, Frittatas or Egg Sandwich can be best for your health and good source of protein.
All above food are easily available in the market and one can make different recipes from them. Having it after workout gives enough amount of protein. It’s always healthy choice.
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